I found this to be an interesting story, although I have seen hardly anything mentioned about it in the MSM. Apparently a Cesna was stolen from a Thunder Bay, Canada and has been flown over the Wisconsin border into the US. According to the report:

In the United States, multiple agencies such as the Federal Aviation Authority, NORAD and the U.S. Air Force are closely following the situation. “They believe its one of the students and we’ve been tracking the aircraft since it entered U.S. airspace and we are still tracking it, he is currently over central Wisconsin,” FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown told BNO News earlier. She later told BNO News that the aircraft had since entered Illinois airspace and is currently flying north of St. Louis, just over the state border. Only one person is believed to be on board. Brown also said that attempts to make contact with the pilot have failed and it is unclear what his intentions are.

Two F-16 fighter jets have since intercepted the aircraft, a spokesman for NORAD confirmed to BNO News. “We believe it is still in the air at this time,” he added.

According to an official at Central Wisconsin Airport in Mosinee, authorities were preparing to force the plane to land at the airport. “They were apparently going to force an airplane to land here but [it was] called off about a quarter to five. Nothing happened here,” he said. Dozens of emergency vehicles were dispatched to the airport but have since left. He did not know the current status of the plane.

Due to the ongoing incident, the Wisconsin Capitol was briefly evacuated. According to the Associated Press, the building was evacuated out of precaution due to the stolen aircraft in the area. People were being ordered to stay at least one block away from the building and police cars with sirens were driving around the Capitol.

I don’t know, if I was some dude who heisted a Cesna and all the sudden there were a few F16’s following me, there would almost certainly be a code-brown situation. I guess they took it serious enough to evacuate the state capitol in Madison. Its strange how this stuff is never reported and always dismissed as “nothing to see here folks.”