Secretary of Defense Robert Gates proposes the most radical cuts of our nation’s defense budget since the pacification era of Jimmy Carter. Read about the Obama defense budget here, the so-called “Gates budget” outlined on April 6th, 2009. See the video and read the transcript here.

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Gates Defense Budget: Obama Military Budget Capitulation

History is useless to learn if we cannot know the lessons from it, which is one of the challenges with educating a young president. Barack Obama was too young to even vote for Jimmy Carter, and has no personal recollections of politics in that era. Otherwise he would have known that the world became a more dangerous place as a result of Carter’s capitulation national defense budget, a fact which caused painful and costly reloading of our military just a few years later.

Obama too, like the lovable Carter a generation earlier, is succumbing to a curiously powerful liberal urge which is to assume that all of the world’s actions are a direct consequence of those taken by America. Thus we have Obama unilaterally declaring a world without nuclear weapons yesterday, and a capitulation defense budget today. Make love, not war; flowers not bombs. Can’t we all just get along?

The Gates budget cuts devastate our national defense at a time when, arguably, the world is becoming a more dangerous place under Obama’s American leadership. Over the weekend, a threatening missile is sent flying over our Japan ally, and on Monday Obama’s defense budget skewers the armed forces.

The expectation is that our brave men and women should finish two wars and the inevitable next one to come under Obama, with a broken supply chain, low morale, broken weapons and fewer troops and ammunition. There will be no more F-22 fighter jets under Commander-in-Chief Obama, far fewer ships built, and virtually no new technological developments. Read the full text and transcript of Gates remarks in many places including here.

Until the capitulation is undone by the next president, they will speak about “American era” weaponry as we laugh about “Soviet era” weaponry today. Americans will relearn history’s hard lesson that a military budget keeps the peace, but we will have to fix it after Obama leaves office. Meanwhile we will sack the country with ineffective government social welfare programs in lieu of spending on government’s primary role in any society.

See a video of the Gates budget presentation below.

Obama Defense Budget (Video)