Marcus Luttrell, author of the book “Lone Survivor”, and survivor of the deadliest battle the U.S. Navy Seals have ever endured, is going to be on Glen Beck tonight to talk about his encounter with four young punks who killed his dog. Read more, see photos and video below.
Updated: 4/6/2009 with new link
Updated: 4/6/2009 new video of Marcus Luttrell on Beck
Updated: 4/9/2009 911 call of Marcus Luttrell chasing dog killers

Marcus Luttrell Navy Seals Red Wing

Marcus Luttrell fourth from Left, all team members killed

Marcus Luttrell is the lone survivor of Operation Red Wing; a special forces operation that took place on June 28th 2005 in Afghanistan’s Kunar province. The seals mission was to kill or capture Ahmad Shah, a high ranking Taliban official responsible for numerous killings in the region. Marcus Luttrell and three of his seal team members were ambushed by 150 Taliban fighters with Luttrell being the only survivor.

A failed attempt by Special Forces helicopters to recover Marcus Luttrell led to the death of 16 more special forces soldiers; Marcus Luttrell was hidden from the Taliban by locals who eventually sent word to the army where they could rescue him. He wrote the bestselling book “Lone Survivor”, detailing Operation Red Wing and telling the story of his fallen seal team.

Talk Radio host Glen Beck has been a good friend of Marcus Luttrell for a few years now detailing his story and promoting his book when it first came out. Luttrell has done numerous radio and television interviews with Glen Beck, he will do another tonight at 5 pm. Eastern. This post will be updated to reflect the content of his upcoming interview as soon as it is available.

It seems that four young good for nothings had been killing dogs in Marcus Luttrell’s county where he lives in Texas. And as terrible luck would have it ( terrible luck for them), the last dog they decided to kill belonged to Marcus Luttrell. As Glen Beck tells the story on his radio program this morning, these thugs should be thanking God that Marcus Luttrell knew how to show restraint when he single handedly, armed of course, apprehended the four.

Marcus Luttrell’s dog was named Dasy; each letter in DASY represents his fallen seal team member’s names. He was given the dog during his recovery period after sustaining horrific wounds that none of us could ever imagine. Marcus Luttrell was awarded the “Navy Cross” and the “Purple Heart” for his heroic actions in Operation Red Wing.

911 call on Breitbart TV

NavycrossPurpleHeartUS Navy SEALs insigniaMarcus Luttrell Glen Beck
Marcus Luttrell’s medal Photos

Marcus Luttrell Video