Here is the appearance of Barack Obama in Prague, in the Czech Republic on April 6th 2009. See the Obama Prague speech video in which Obama naively declares a world without nuclear weapons is possible because of him. Transcript is below as well.

Obama Prague

Obama Prague Speech

More mature politicians understand that the only way to get North Korea and Iran, and for that matter all of our friends and enemies to relinquish their weapons and ambitions would be for Obama to nuke all of them first. A world without people is a world without nuclear weapons, but one thinks Obama is unaware of the insidious undertone of his thought. Some aren’t taking him seriously anymore. Others are wondering what he is doing in Prague?

Obama is a dashing, young president who is clearly enjoying the limelight overseas and lost in hyperbole. The first time Obama traveled to Europe in his lifetime was in the summer of 2008. He still has not been to Mexico or any Asian nation. Struggling for something relevant to say in the Prague speech, like many young people he apparently stretched his words to appear interesting and relevant.

It is in many ways an endearing attribute of our virile president, but it is so far leaving the world in a more dangerous condition. Since Obama began indiscriminately making nice to friends and despots everywhere, North Korea fired a long-range missile over Japan, Russia is saber rattling in the old Soviet Bloc, Iran laughed his entreaties away like a father would brush off a nagging child, and the political centers in Europe are already dismissing his relevance.

But that doesn’t stop Obama from chatting up the principles of Orwellian liberal double-speak, that talk equates to action and ideas are a substitute for plans. Would that the world respond to the whims of one man. Meanwhile the markets are in turmoil from Obama’s speeches on this and that.

See the Obama Prague video below, and view the transcript as well.

Obama PragueObama Prague speechObama PragueObama Czech Republic speechObama Czech Republic
Photos of Obama in Prague

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Obama Prague speech (video)

The transcript is available in many places include our friends at Huffington Post.