Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is leading the picks for the first EU Presidential candidate. See photos and a video below.

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Tony Blair

The 53 year old Blair says he wants “to build a bridge between Europe and the new Obama administration.” Blair had a close relationship with both President Bill Clinton and President G. W. Bush. Current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is not happy that Tony Blair is the man likely to go down in history as the leader of the European Union (EU). He gave up his objections, however, recognizing that Britain should be the key figure to engineer building the “new world order.” With Blair’s crowning, Brown reportedly fears a re-emergence of old, familiar problems with Blair’s British Labor Party. An unnamed British official said Brown “will have to swallow hard to sit down in meetings once again with Blair.”

Blair has been enhancing his resume since stepping down as Britain’s Prime Minister in 2007. He was immediately appointed the U.N. and EU Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East.

Blair has significant support, but that which he doesn’t have is troubling.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not yet endorsed Blair’s candidacy. Her support is critical, but rumor is that Merkel may not run for Chancellor again and covets the EU Presidency for herself.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s senior aide is quoted in the Daily Mail saying that Sarkozy planned to tell EU leaders that Blair has his support, and “is the only man who can help Europe stand up to the rest of the world.” Sarkozy is a past temporary-rotating EU President. Blair has spoken glowingly of Sarkozy’s performance, saying: Under his leadership, Europe looked as if it were acting in concert.”

Other possible candidates for EU President, Bertie Ahern of Ireland, Jose Maria Aznar of Spain and Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg are thought not to carry enough weight in the power capitols of the world,” Washington, Moscow, Beijing and Delhi.

Hopes of a European Union, with a high-profile President to represent it on the world stage, are dependent upon Ireland and the Czech Republic ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, which creates the job of EU permanent President. The vote in both countries, which have so far refused to ratify, is scheduled for this Fall. Tony Blair’s nomination as the first EU President likely has great significance for America. He has been a fierce defender of freedom. The U.S. may need him in the years to come to defend the battles we face. It is not likely that President Barack Obama’s man-made disasters, or his Overseas Contingency Operation will garner much support in Washington, D.C. In the video below, Tony Blair talks about terrorism, about those in his homeland who are conspiring to attack it, and what future world leaders will face as they try to keep their countries safe.

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Tony Blair (Photos)

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