Here is the world famous “Chia Obama”, the Barack Obama Chia Pet available in a Walgreen’s store near you. See the photos and hear the promotional video.

Obama Chia Pet

Obama Chia Pet: Chia Obama

Well it was available at Walgreen’s but apparently the Obama Chia Pet is too cool for school. The humorless corporate headquarters asked local stores to pull the remarkable presidential impersonator off of their shelves. In an ironic sense, Obama was laid off in his own recession.

Do not be troubled for the Chia Obama can now be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website, appropriately named Special price if ordered immediately is $19.95. The price may go up after the IRS audit by what is turning out to be an equally humorless Obama administration. It was reported last week that they keep a White House enemies list ala Nixon, but who could possible hate Chia Obama?

The Obama Chia Pet comes with a handmade planter, Chia seed packet for 3 plantings, a convenient drip tray, and planting and care instruction sheet. And it is available in two styles, both happy and determined.

The presidential resemblance is uncanny. From the transcendental gaze to the fuzzy hair to the lack of gravitas, this pet is what we have all been waiting for. Give him a little water and know that change is coming soon.

Video and photos below.

Chia Obama PetChia ObamaObama Chia Pet
Obama Chia (Photos)

Chia Obama Pet (Video)