United States officials fly to Cuba, not to interrogate enemy combatants at Gitmo, but to meet with the Castro boys in hopes of easing the 50-year tensions between the two nations. So how is all this hope and change working for you so far? Read more about it below, see photos, and watch a videol.

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Fidel Castro, Barack Obama

A congressional delegation featuring some of the more annoying members of the Black Congressional Caucus met with both of Cuba’s marxist dictators, Fidel Castro (he’s alive!) and his baby brother Raul this week in an attempt to normalize relations between the two countries.

The result? Fidel Castro declared: ‘How can we help President Obama?’ followed up by the Cuban government releasing a statement in which Castro says one of the members of Congress told him that the United States should ‘apologize’ to Cuba. The statement also said that one of the congressmen told the former leader that despite the victory by President Obama, U.S. society is still ‘racist.’ Sadly, knowing the history and practices of the CBC, I believe Fidel’s statement!

Representatives Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) and Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) were the members to meet with The ‘Bearded’ One and had nothing but praise for the Castro brothers. Other members of the delegation were Representatives Mel Watt (D-N.C.), Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio), Michael M. Honda (D-San Jose) and Laura Richardson (D-Long Beach). Here are some of their assessments:

“This is the dawning of a new day,” Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., declared. “Fifty years of foolishness is over. It’s time for the children to sit in the corner and the adults to take over.”

“I’m convinced Raul Castro wants a normal relationship with the United States,” Lee said after the meeting with the 77-year-old. “He’s serious.”

“I think that what really surprised me, but also endeared me to him [Raul], was his keen sense of humor, his sense of history and his basic human qualities,” Rush said. “I intend to do everything that I can when we get back to the States to make sure that normalization with our relationship with Cuba is given proper consideration both within the House of Representatives and the neighborhoods of America.”

‘Normal relationship’ with the US? ‘Endeared’? Are you serious? Let all the political prisoners in the Cuban gulags go free; answer the questions of the families of the ‘missing'; unify fractured families; deal with the blatant human rights violations committed on the Cuban people; practice freedom instead of tyranny; then we talk – maybe.

On the heels of Obama’s European Apology Tour, is this not more evidence of the Fantasy Foreign Policy of Appeasement for the Obama Administration? Seriously, if anyone were to ever apologize to Cuba it would most likely be The One.

Hopechangery run amuck.

More photos and a video from Obama, Castro: Apologize to Cuba? are below.

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Obama, Castro: Apologize to Cuba?

Obama, Castro: Apologize to Cuba? Video

Photo of Barack Obama: WENN