A museum will be built in Iraq dedicated to Saddam Hussein. A spokesman says the museum is for all the people of Iraq, future generations and visitors from of all over the world to ‘admire’. Surely something was lost in translation! Read more about this below, see photos and a video.

Saddam Hussein Museum

Iraq’s Saddam Hussein Museum

Saddam Hussein was despised by many of his people but the Iraqi government still intends to memorialize him by opening a museum filled with weapons, statues, paintings, furniture and other kinds of memorabilia that belonged to the brutal dictator.

“These possessions are for the Iraqi people,” said Abdul Zahraa al-Talqani, a tourism and antiquities ministry spokesman, adding that a committee would be formed to find a site for the museum.

“We will look for a big building. I think one of the presidential palaces in Baghdad probably will be the place of the museum,” said Talqani.

The items collected and catalogued by the US military in the past six years are being handed back to the Iraqi Government, which will consider a site for what would undoubtedly become a major tourist attraction. Hey, why not make money off the now, very dead dictator? He, after all, made billions off of them.

A second Saddam museum, currently an exhibition, is also being erected in Iraq and this one by the presiding judge at his trial. The Saddam’s Torture Museum is dedicated to the chronicling of atrocities under Saddam. The intent being to allow Iraqis, now and in the future, to see up close such macabre mementos of mass executions, torture, and other atrocities committed in Saddam’s decades-long rule. It is a very graphic place.

This Saddam Torture Museum will also have a research center where legal researchers or historians can comb through 26 million documents, including the handwritten orders to crush opposition from minority Kurds, which led to the death of tens of thousands. Now that part sounds very cool to me.

And at this writing, I was unable to find information on the Iraqi’s plans to have a museum dedicated to the people of the United States, or to George W. Bush, or to our military, contractors, and allies who liberated them from the brutality of Saddam.

More photos and a video from Iraq’s Saddam Hussein Museum: Saddam’s Torture Museum are below.

Saddam Hussein Museum 3Saddam Hussein Torture MaskSaddam Hussein StatueSaddam Hussein SwordSaddam Hussein Torture Tools
Iraq’s Saddam Hussein Museum Photos

Iraq’s Saddam Hussein Museum Video