According to Fox News, the Obama administration plans to allow Americans to visit relatives in Cuba and send money to their families residing there.

Obama Cuba

Obama Changes Cuba Policy

According to the Fox News report, President Obama will announce the policy change before the Summit of the Americas (which begins on April 17) in Trinidad and Tobago. According to the report, there are no current plans to lift the decades-old trade embargo with Cuba, which has been in place since Fidel Castro took over the rule of the country.

However, the lift of the family travel ban may mark a shift in the way the United States deals with Cuba, and could signal a willingness to have a dialogue/relationship with the communist nation. Over the years, the United States has largely tried to isolate the communist nation and has no diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Under Obama’s new policy, Americans with relatives in Cuba will be able to visit them once a year for an unlimited period of time. They will also be able to spend up to $179 a day while in Cuba. It is not clear at this point how much money Cuban Americans will be able to send to relatives residing there. The trade embargo with Cuba in place for the last half-century severely restricted travel to Cuba and financial transactions with Cuba residents.

As we reported here, Fidel Castro is currently in poor health, and the future leadership of the communist nation remains in the hands of his brother Raul Castro.