At the G-20 Economic Summit in London, Queen Elizabeth spent considerable time in the company of U.S. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. With the historic nature of the G-20 Summit tasked with healing the world’s financial woes, the historic nature of the Obama presidency, and the centuries old history of the British monarchy, this was the perfect photo shoot. See photos of Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth in England, along with videos below.

Queen Elizabeth 75

Queen Elizabeth

The above photo was taken at a reception for the G20 leaders at Buckingham Palace: Front row – UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Queen Elizabeth II and the President of Brazil Luiz Innacio Lula da Silva. Second row – Prime Minister of the Netherlands Jan Peter Balkenende, the President of South Africa, Kgalema Motianthe and U.S. President Barack Obama. Top row: Prime Minister of Thailand Abhist Vejjajiva, Prime Minister of Japan Taro Aso and Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

Queen Elizabeth 76
Queen Elizabeth

Above: A formal photograph of all G-20 leaders taken inside Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth is front row center. President Obama is just behind her and to the viewer’s right.

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Barack Obama

Above: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth 102
Queen Elizabeth

Above: Queen Elizabeth in the Royal Carriage.

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Barack Obama

President Obama takes the world stage at the G-20 Economic Summit in London.

President Obama describes the results of the G-20 Economic Summit in England as the “turning point for the world-wide economic meltdown. Yet, he has said that he isn’t satisfied with the document that was signed by the largest economies in the world. He says “I think we did OK….Overall, I’m pleased.”

The document pledged $1.1 trillion in loans and guarantees for poor countries. A new “board” will be created to be a “early warning system” of crises to come. Hedge funds will be guaranteed in this agreement, and “global tax havens” will be done away with. Ted Kennedy is in trouble.

President Obama did not convince countries to pour more money into their own economies, so it begs the question: who will pony-up for the $1.1 trillion for “poor countries.” I wish that was the “million dollar question.” My checking account would look a bit better.

Fox News said this:

They did bridge the gap between the United States and some European nations over how far to regulate the market and curb the excesses that sparked the global economic crisis.

Wouldn’t you love to know what that means? Read what one pundit has to say about the “regulation” of markets. President Obama and Queen Elizabeth were the royalty at this gathering. We hope you enjoyed the photos and videos of this historic event.

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Queen Elizabeth (Photos)

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Barack Obama (Photos)

Barack Obama in England (Video)

Barack Obama in England (Video)