Sarah Palin agrees with Alaska’s Republican Party that former Senator Ted Stevens deserves another shot at his Senate seat. Stevens lost his long-held place in the U.S. Senate to Democrat, Mark Begich last November. Palin wants a Stevens – Begich Special Election.

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Senator Ted Stevens was forced to defend Federal Ethics charges in 2008. He lost his case in a jury trial and appealed. During that appeal, the Department of Justice (DOJ) overturned Ted Stevens’ conviction, saying that the DOJ had been complicit in misrepresenting the facts of the trial, and had conspired to make exculpatory testimony unavailable to the Defense. There was also the matter of the lead FBI investigator sleeping with the Prosecution’s star-witness. Read the nitty-gritty of the case here.

Now, the Ted Stevens Scandal is the DOJ Scandal. Stevens has been absolved of all wrong-doing. But…he lost his Senate seat. Alaska sent Democrat Mark Begich to Washington, D.C., and another Republican vote in the Senate was silenced.

Senator Begich is in no mood for a special election, saying that he got into the race long before Stevens’ legal troubles began.

Governor Sarah Palin said a special election is the right thing to do:

Alaskans deserve to have a fair election not tainted by some announcement that one of the candidates was convicted fairly of seven felonies, when in fact it wasn’t a fair conviction,

Palin did not call for Begich to resign, but she did ask Stevens to step aside after his conviction, saying this week that she “believed in justice through our legal system.”

Republican Party head, Randy Ruedrich commented that the only reason Begich won his race was because “a few thousand Alaskans thought that Senator Stevens was guilty of seven felonies.”

The head of Alaska’s Democratic Party head, Patti Higgins, still claims that Ted Stevens “broke laws.” The fact is, she cannot know that for certain. At least one witness lied, as well as consorted with the FBI. This is what Stevens will face now: continued claims of ethics violations, and a reputation of greatly magnified corruption – even though the courts did not prove it.

Even in the wake of mountains of negative press toward the “corrupt” Ted Stevens, and a conviction delivered just one or two weeks before the election, Begich won the election by only 1.2%. He received 150,728 votes to Stevens’ 147,004 votes – a gap of 3,724 votes – a 1.2% win for Begich against a convicted felon. That’s not much of a win, and it is also not much of a loss. Certainly had it not been for the prosecutorial misconduct of the DOJ, the Stevens Senate seat would not have been in jeopardy.

It is the people of Alaska who should choose their State’s Senator, just as they chose Sarah Palin for Governor. This “right of the people” should not be handed over to the U.S. Department of Justice. Stevens and Begich should face-off in a Special Election.

4/7/09 Update: The Judge in this case has officially dismissed Stevens’ original indictment and launched a criminal investigation about the prosecutors. Read the details here.

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