Welcome to this week’s Right Pundits Caption Contest. Of course, we absolutely MUST feature something from the G20 Summit in London. That’s Obama’s big introduction onto the international stage is its been one huge gaffe-fest.

Obama bows

Obama bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Barack Obama met the heads of state of the 20 top economic powers in the world at the G20 Summit in London. While there, he just made one gaff after the next. He took 12 teleprompters with him, but still had to banish the press from his meetings so his people could edit what was reported. Even at that, the British press managed to get some photo ops and information. Thank goodness someone still has freedom of the press.

Perhaps one of the biggest gaffes was Obama bowing, submissively, to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Did you get that? The American President BOWED to the King of Saudi Arabia. It was a DEEP, subservient bow.

As the top representative of the American people, he’s taking us along on this enormously embarrassing international ride.

Of course, he has yet to appoint a chief protocol officer. Maybe that’s the reason for his apparent complete inability to follow the most basic rules of etiquette.

Then again, one has to wonder if they are really ALL gaffes or is he just completely uninterested in our European counterparts. He has certainly shown more interest in the Communist countries that have declared themselves committed to our destruction. So one has to wonder about Obama bowing so low in front of the Saudi King. Is it a gaff … or is it where his allegiance lies. Either option isn’t encouraging.

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…. and the winners from our last caption contest are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Angel: My mother told me my face would freeze like this if I didn’t get my lips off of BHO’s butt.
  • 2nd Place – Randy: “Mom was right! I’m blind! I’m blind!”
  • 3rd Place – Scottie: Oops! Sorry press pool, that one kind of slipped out. Someone open a window please…
  • Honorable Mention – lisab: on a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, obama sits on a throne of blood! what was will be! what is will be no more! now is the season of evil! hussein, the scourge of carpathia, the sorrow of moldavia, commands you!