A door in a quiet neighborhood opened to a magazine salesman rapist. A woman 78, was raped and burned. We’ve all had the knock at our door: a young person selling magazines stands there in front of you. Most are selling magazine subscriptions to fund a church mission trip, or help pay for college. No so in this case. See videos below.

In Grand Prairie, TX, a man saying he was selling magazine subscriptions to earn points for a “communication exercise,” sexually assaulted and raped the 78-year-old woman. Then he burned her.

Her only mistake was opening her door. The magazine salesman said his name was Daniel. He told her he was 22 years old and a college student from Chicago. According to the woman, her attacker was a tall black man, maybe 6′ to 6’4″ tall, weighing between 160 and 190 pounds. His hair was in short corn rows. She estimates he was between 20 and 25 years old.

There’s no better place to rape and burn than inside a stranger’s home. The rapist used her restroom.

She gave him something to drink. He returned her hospitality by pouring rubbing alcohol on her chest and setting her on fire. She is hospitalized with second degree burns from her stomach to her chin. She is expected to recover, physically. Her mental recovery may not be as easy – let’s face it, healing from burns must be hell, and especially at 78.

The lesson: magazine salesman rapists are not uncommon. A quick google search proves that. For all the legitimate magazine salesmen working the neighborhoods, there must be another way. I don’t want anyone knocking on my door unless I know you, and if you do knock at my door, I won’t be answering.

The video below is another case documenting magazine saleman rapes, and in this case, death.

Magazine Salesman Rapist (Video)