Barack Obama has arrived in London to attend the G20 Economic Summit, for what is his first overseas trip since becoming president. Read more below, see photos, and watch a video.

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Barack Obama

We all remember The One’s spectacular trip to Berlin in which he was selected ‘President of the World’. European leaders treated him like a rockstar. This trip, for the G20 Economic Summit, is most likely going to be a bit different for Barack Obama. In fact, you know you have a slight problem with your peers, when even the Europeans think you are too much of a Socialist!

Obama’s eight-day, five-country trip has a very full agenda which might explain (or not) that 500-person entourage he has taken with him.

He will have individual meetings with leaders important to our strategic interests, like Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and India. He will deliver a speech in France on the trans-Atlantic relationship and one in Praque on weapons proliferation. Obama and his bitter wife will visit Buckingham Palace for an audience with Queen Elizabeth II and even make his first stop as president in a Muslim nation, Turkey.

You may also remember during the debates that candidate Barack Obama pledged to ‘listen and consult’ rather than ‘lecture and dictate’ when meeting with foreign leaders and dealing with global issues. The implication being that countries and their leaders would be more willing to help us – and even like us – if asked differently.

What a joke! Putin, Merkel, Sarkozy – are all positioning themselves for great authority and power then ever before. Even if Obama pulled out fairy dust to fix the world’s problems, all those feckless and greedy countries would still wind up hating him. That’s just the way they are and frankly, why do we care so much anyway?

So we’ll see how far that little strategy takes Obama at the G20. Having a president who is inexperienced in administration with no financial background, yet working on the global financial crisis is just insanity to me. And, it is this global financial crisis that has defined the first two months of his presidency.

More photos and a video from Barack Obama and the G20 Economic Summit are below.

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Obama: G20 Economic Summit Photos

Obama: G20 Economic Summit Video