The Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg is a fantastic Roman Catholic cathedral in Strasbourg, France. Read more about it below, see photos, and watch a video.

Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral

With the world focused on the G20 summit and its fix-the-world-economy agenda, it’s really MORE of First Lady Michelle Obama and France’s First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy that Europe’s paparazzi is seeking the most.

That will come on Saturday when they will tour with the spouses of other western leaders the famous Strasbourg Cathedral. While Michelle and Carla are at the Cathedral, their husbands will attend the NATO summit in Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany.

The Strasbourg Cathedral

The Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Strasbourg, France. It is widely considered to be among the finest examples of high, or late, Gothic architecture in the world. It was constructed from 1015-1439 with Erwin von Steinbach being credited for major contributions from 1277 to his death in 1318.

It is the sixth-tallest church in the world. The Cathedral’s Spire is 472 feet. The cathedral also boasts an astronomical clock that is one of the largest in the world. The clock is unusually accurate; it indicates leap years, equinoxes, and other astronomical data.

The Strasbourg Cathedral was once described by Victor Hugo as a ‘gigantic and delicate marvel’. It is visible far across the plains of Alsace and can be seen from as far off as the Vosges mountains or the Black Forest on the other side of the Rhine in Germany.

Even the beautiful Strasbourg Cathedral was not immune to terrorism. In 2000 during Christmastime, an Al-Qaeda plot to bomb the Christmas market which sits at the base of the great Cathedral was, thankfully, prevented by French and German police.

More photos and a video from Strasbourg Cathedral are below.

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Strasbourg Cathedral Photos

Strasbourg Cathedral ‘The Bells’ Video

Photo Credits: Benh LIEU SONG, Jonathan Martz, Didier B