With unprecedented access granted by the U.S. military, the National Geographic Channel’s ‘Explorer: Inside Guantanamo’ is a documentary that demonstrates what life is really like for the more then 200 detainees housed there and the military personnel who guard them. Read more about this documentary, see photos, and watch a video clip below.

Inside Guantanamo

National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Inside Guantanamo

The naval base at Guantanamo Bay became the home of one of the most famous detention centers in the world when the first wave of enemy combatants from the War on Terror arrived in 2002. Since that time Gitmo seems to have become a lightning rod for critics and politicians using inflamatory words like ‘notorious’ and ‘secretive’. Even worse, there have been allegations of torture, illegal incarceration and human rights abuses. Now, Barack Obama has committed to closing Guantanamo within the first year of his presidency with the promise of releasing some of those held there into a neighborhood near you, complete with a welfare check.

With the clock ticking on the closure of Gitmo, the National Geographic Channel’s Emmy-award winning series called ‘Explorer’ has prepared what looks to be a facinating documentary called ‘Inside Guantanamo’. The Explorer Team spent three weeks behind Gitmo’s razor wire to record interactions among the detainees and our military who guard them, as well as briefings and operations that previously were off-limits.

Actually there isn’t a lot of public information available about the day-to-day operations at Gitmo. This documentary attempts to bridge that gap by telling the detention center’s story candidly, through the voices of those who know it best – the military guards and interrogators, attorneys for the detainees, and former detainees. Though not positive – since I haven’t seen the full documentary – I am fairly sure they did NOT interviewed those 61 former detainees who went back onto the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq to fight against us again.

Interestingly, top officials who believe there is an active al-Qaida cell in the facility there at Gitmo were also interviewed for the documentary.

Though the U.S. military does not permit any detainees to be interviewed or their full faces to appear on camera, Explorer’s crew captured detainees’ voices as they discussed the military guards and their detainment. A military security team reviewed all footage for national security violations and deleted any material it believed could have compromised security.

National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Inside Guantanamo premieres Sunday, April 5, 2009, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. For additional information, check out National Geographic’s website here. We hope you’ll watch it and then come here to discuss your thoughts.

More photos and a video from ‘National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Inside Guantanamo’ are below.

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National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Inside Guantanamo Photos

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National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Inside Guantanamo Photos

National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Inside Guantanamo Video
‘Doing Time in Guantanamo’