Meet Patti Davis. She is the daughter of the late President, Ronald Reagan and former First Lady Nancy Davis Reagan. See Patti’s biography, photos and videos below:

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Patti Davis and her famous mother, Nancy Reagan, have had a troubled mother-daughter relationship. President Reagan was also the recipient of Patti’s very public scorn from time-to-time.

Now, Patti says she and her mom are doing much better. They talk every day, but Davis says “[It’s] not like a Hallmark card.

Davis recently viewed the only movie that Ronald and Nancy Reagan (then Nancy Davis) made together, “Hellcats of the Navy.” This “wild child” daughter asked her mother why they made the movie, and didn’t she think it was “kind of a silly movie.” This from Patti Davis who guest-starred in silly classics like Love Boat, CHIPS and Fantasy Island. Mrs. Reagan answered with true motherly benevolence: “Of course it was [silly] dear. We did it because we needed the work.”

Patti Davis Biography

Patricia Ann Reagan was born on October 21, 1952 in Los Angeles, CA. She is 56 years old. Her parents are former President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Davis Reagan. She has two brothers, Ron Reagan and Michael Reagan who was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Reagan shortly after his birth in 1945. Her half-sister, Maureen Reagan, the daughter of Ronald Reagan and actress Jane Wyatt, recently died from cancer.

Davis dropped her father’s name “Reagan,” using her mother’s maiden name, becoming Patti Davis. The name change was in protest of her father’s political views. Davis says she was never really angry at President Reagan, but was angry at his “job choice.”

Patti Davis is an actress, author, singer and a Playboy Playmate. After facial cosmetic surgery, she posed nude in July 1994 for the cover of Playboy magazine and a centerfold spread at the age of 42. You can view the Playboy cover here. Her second venture with Hugh Hefner’s Playboy was making a kick boxing video with a male kick boxer in 1995.

She married her yoga instructor, Paul Grilley in 1984 and they divorced in 1990. Some publications say that she married Paul Hayeland in 1993; most have no mention of this marriage. According to People Magazine, Davis had a tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy. The magazine quoted her saying she was fearful of passing on her parents genes. Some reports say that the tubal ligation was reversed in 1986.

Davis saw little of her parents during their years in the White House, although when President Reagan was shot by John Hinckley in 1981, Mrs. Reagan reached out to her daughter. Patty said that was when she realized how frail her mother was.

The relationship with her mother began to mend when President Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and has been on on-going work in progress since.

She has some good memories of family life inside the Reagan household. She recalls her father taking her horse-riding:

I used to ride horses with him, and he would teach me about the land and the ocean…

According to Time Magazine, Reagan also taught her about being “gay,” although that word wasn’t used at the time:

I was about eight or nine years old when I learned that some people are gay…what I do remember is the clear, smooth, non-judgmental way in which I was told. The scene took place in the den of my family’s Pacific Palisades home. My father and I were watching an old Rock Hudson and Doris Day movie. At the moment when Hudson and Doris Day kissed, I said to my father ‘That looks weird.” Curious, he asked me to identify exactly what was weird about a man and woman kissing, since I’d certainly seen such a thing before. All I knew was that something about this particular man and woman was, to me, strange. My father gently explained that Mr. Hudson didn’t really have a lot of experience kissing women; in fact, he would much prefer to be kissing a man. This was said in the same tone that would be used if he had been telling me about people with different colored eyes, and I accepted without question that this whole kissing thing wasn’t reserved just for men and women”

Davis said she has a history of dead-end relationships with actors, Kris Kristofferson, Timothy Hutton and Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon. She was also romantically linked to Senator John Kerry.

I went for men who were destined to hurt me emotionally.

Davis accused her mother of abusing drugs and then followed in those same footsteps. At the age of 14 she began a long history of drug abuse, including cocaine, LSD and Quaaludes. She was close to committing suicide by slitting her wrists. “I’m lucky to be alive,” she said.

Patti Davis attended Northwestern University and University of Southern California. She has written several books, among them: The Way I See it – an Autobiography, and The Long Goodbye. She is currently writing “The Lives Our Mothers Leave Us: Prominent Women Discuss the Complex, Humorous and Ultimately Loving Relationships They Have with Their Mothers.” Perhaps in this book, Nancy Reagan’s daughter will pen some fond memories of her mother.

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