The FOX Nation, a new Website launching March 30th, has been teased on Fox News Channel and in ads on But what the heck is it? Read more about it below and watch a video.

The FOX Nation website describes itself as an ‘online community that believes in the right to express your views, your values, your voice.’ The ‘community’ part seems to imply a lot of social networking, user-generated activity for fans (and others) of Fox News which is just what today’s online users are looking for.

I found the tagline for the website particularly interesting: ‘It’s Time to Say NO to Biased Media and Say YES To Fair Play and Free Speech.’ Well that’s sure to be red meat for those on the left who hate FOX!

And predictably, as if on cue the left is already going nuts about the new website:

“This is an unprecedented, and frightening, initiative to use a major television network as an organizing tool for political activism. The sort of advocacy work normally done by independent organizations like MoveOn or Freedom’s Watch is now being conducted by a billion dollar media enterprise with a well known partisan agenda.”

How ridiculously laughable is that? The mainstream media’s objectivity in the last election was a disgusting, slobbering failure. It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage from the beginning to end. It was not one television network being biased, it was in fact every network, cable station (except Fox), major newspaper and magazine that had a designed message to propel Barack Obama into the White House at all costs – even if that cost was integrity.

The FOX Nation sounds like an exciting venture for Fox News. Reportedly, FOX Nation itself will take no position on issues unlike so many other Web portals. So then, what can FOX Nation provide that people can’t already find in established internet ecosystems such as Free Republic, Democratic Underground, Daily KOS, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and on and on?

And knowing how rabid some on the left are about Fox News, how will it manage the scads of FNC baiters plastering anti-FNC epithets everywhere? Can Fox News create a large forum-type atmosphere that allows for legitimate discussion and dialogue? That is still to be seen, but it appears they’re going to try. These are questions that will be answered in the weeks and months ahead.

The FOX Nation website, which is thefoxnation[dot]com, goes live on March 30, 2009 at 6:00 am eastern.

The FOX Nation Promo Video