A rare “Groucho Marx” penguin (Fiordland Crested Penguin) washed ashore in Australia, after a 1600 mile swim. He’s now in good shape and is the only male Fiorland penguin in captivity. He will soon meet the only two females in captivity, to, well, let nature take its course and hopefully little Grouchos will be soon to follow.

Sex in Store for Rare Groucho Marx Penguin

By Paul Tait

SYDNEY, Australia – And he thinks he’s tired now.

A rare “Groucho Marx” penguin found exhausted on an Australian beach after a 1,200 mile swim has been saved by Sydney zookeepers but will soon have to earn his keep by snuggling up to two lonely females of his vulnerable species.

The Fiordland Crested Penguin, also known as Groucho Marx penguins because of their distinctive bushy eyebrows, is one of the world’s most endangered penguin species and is usually found in the frigid sub-Antarctic waters off southern New Zealand.

There is even a video on this site.