Barack Obama has repeatedly insisted that he inherited the current economic problems and budget deficit from the George Bush deficit. Is that true or is the Obama budget insane? Here is a chart to help clarify where the truth lies. Read about it below and see a video.

obama budget deficit chart

Bush Deficit vs Obama Deficit

Last night at his prime time press conference, Barack Obama looked straight into his big screen teleprompter and told the American people that he had inherited the Bush budge deficit and was doing all he could to reduced it. As has been his pattern since his inauguration, he has asked the American people for patience while he sorts out the numerous messes left to him by the previous administration.

Of course, the stock market reached never before seen heights, unemployment was at all time lows and we were rocking along just fine under the Bush administration. That is up until 2006 when the democrats took control of Congress. But why let the facts get in the way of a good repetitive dose of propaganda for the masses?

In much the same way that Obama stands in front of the cameras and tells the American people that ‘the buck stops’ with him and then turns around immediately and spends his time assigning blame to everyone but himself, he declares that he is doing everything he can to fix the economy while at the very same time, increasing the federal budget to levels few of us could have imagined. He has actually succeeded in having American people talk in terms of trillions of dollars as though those are reasonable sums of money.

The budget Obama proposes for this year increases federal spending by a fiscally insane 34% over the budget adopted for last year, with a total of $4 trillion in federal spending, the highest EVER.

But hey, why worry about spending money and incurring trillions of dollars in debt? He can always get more out of working Americans and when he’s bled us all dry, he can just print more money. Its like free money. Doesn’t the government have a big ol’ money printing press deep in the bowels of Fort Knox somewhere? Isn’t it great to have that kind of power!

The democrats were in an uproar over the national deficit when Ronald Reagan was President. The Obama deficit, in the first year of his presidency, will be 4 times higher than the highest deficit ever reached while Reagan was President. But there’s nary a peep from the howling democrats over this. In fact, on the contrary, they are applauding it. At least the far left democrats are.

As is apparent from the Bush deficit vs Obama deficit graph above, in the first two months of Obama’s administration, the stimulus package has already contributed to quadruple the deficit. Of course, when Obama claims he’s going to half it by 2013, it could be the sort of sale we find at some of our finer department stores. You know, raise the price, then half it and come off like a hero. Maybe that’s his ultimate plan. Unfortunately, there are people who would actually fall for that. After all, there ARE people who answer the Nigerian email scams.

There is no question that President George W. Bush did increase the federal deficit to a historic $700 billion through 2008. However, Obama is adding another $1 Trillion to that already historic level. Whatever increases Bush did during his administration, Obama is matching and raising to almost unimaginable levels.

And we would be remiss not to mention that Bush’s administration had to deal with the budget busting terrorists attacks of 9/11/2001 and the subsequent costly Global War on Terrorism.

Obama’s budget insanity will increase the public debt by $4.9 Trillion. Staggering. Incomprehensible numbers.

Regardless of the clearly identifiable facts, Obama persist in insisting that he inherited the deficit and pleads with the public to be patient while he fixes all these problems that have been laid at his feet. Meanwhile, we are being robbed blind.

Its all about smoke and mirrors and a bit of slight of hand.

One just wonders how far it will go before the people stand up and demand that it stop and if, by then, it will be too late.

Obama Budget Insane? – Video