Here is British MP Daniel Hannan’s speech in Europe in which he exposed Gordon Brown’s liberalism for its destructive power. The question now becomes who will tell Obama the same?

Dan Hannan

What Daniel Hannan tells us about Obama

The British have a governmental system in which the Prime Minister comes from the ranks of legislators. In a democratic sense it is superior to our own system in that the Prime Minister is held accountable by the People’s elected representatives like Daniel Hannan.

So Brown attends Parliament sessions weekly in which barbed questions are thrown at him like grenades. And if he doesn’t have the confidence of the legislative branch, there is a mechanism for early elections. This very British tradition extends to the European Parliament of which Daniel Hannan is a member and which Brown attended this week.

Our Founding Fathers thought differently. If a president is so easily held accountable to the people, he might be frozen with inaction. For better or worse, we are paying for this lack of accountability under President Obama.

What Daniel Hannan said to Gordon Brown could just have easily been said to Barack Obama. Our president is, after all, pursuing the same largess spending policies which have brought England to financial ruin. Every child in England is born today owing 20,000 British pounds.

The British government continues to expand by hiring more workers while the public sector lays productive workers off in droves. While Brown spent on health care and education, the deficit increased, taxes went up at exactly the wrong time, and everyone lost their jobs.

The only difference is that Barack Obama is enacting his ruinous socialist policies in 2009. Gordon Brown enacted them before. History has already judged him one of the worst Prime Ministers in English history. The same destiny probably awaits Obama, but the nation is destined to suffer until the Daniel Hannans of our country rise. Where is the Daniel Hannan in our U.S. Congress?

As a biography, Daniel Hannan was born in Lima Peru as a British national. He was president of the Oxford University Conservative Association. He was the youngest member of the European Parliament. He is also a writer and blogger, whose work you can find here.

Read every word of the full transcript and see the video. Substitute Barack Obama’s name for Gordon Brown and you will have a good sense of what socialist policies do during recessions.

At the very least Daniel Hannan’s brilliant oration has created a new conservative star on the world stage. He has the eloquence, sharp wit (and the accent) to remind us of a young Bill Buckley.

Daniel Hannan – Gordon Brown (Video)