Obama Special Olympics joke distracts from the real problem.

Here is the President Barack Obama Jay Leno video appearance on March 19, 2009, a surprisingly trivial move in troubling times which is otherwise quite historic. This is the first time a sitting president of the United States has appeared on any talk show including the Leno Show and Tonight Show which preceded it. Obama’s Special Olympics joke will be criticized by others but that is not the real problem.


Context of the Obama Leno Appearance

The Barack Obama Leno video further diminishes the Office of the President which Barack Obama currently stewards, and comes just one day after a debacle on ESPN in which Obama was roundly criticized by politicians and college coaches alike. In that curious miscalculation, Obama joined a NCAA basketball pick-em contest in which he pontificated about the strengths and weaknesses of college basketball teams.

The recent populist moves by Obama are a rather transparent attempt to divert attention from the serious problems that serous people are facing in the country. New reports are that he either indirectly or personally authorized the bailout loophole which allowed AIG bonus payments to high-income executives, people who coincidentally gave high dollar contributions to his presidential election campaign. While Democrats in Congress blame him, and he blames Congress and his predecessor, it is clear that the buck does not stop anywhere.

But much more troubling to the American people than who gets paid what, is that Obama’s first 100 days of his presidency have been a giant letdown. He is undeniably off to the worst start of any president in modern history. American wealth accumulation has dropped 30% on Obama’s watch, the business sector is laying off more workers in the anticipation of his planned tax increases, and his trillion dollar bailout and mega-budget spending virtually assure that our children will live poorer lives than we do.

President Obama’s Leno Show appearance can best be understood in these daunting political circumstances. He has squandered most of his political capital in 8 short weeks, so he transforms himself into an angry populist and does what all politicians do: Obama changes the subject.

See the Barack Obama Jay Leno video below and comment. As a special bonus, you can see the impressive security surrounding the President’s Hollywood appearance in the YouTube video. The Obama Special Olympics joke is in the second clip.

Obama Jay Leno (Video)