A former Dallas high school Principal reportedly allowed hall monitors to place “troubled” students into a steel cage in the boys gym and directed the students to duke it out bare-knuckled and without helmets – sometimes for the entertainment of school staff. See a video below.

Cage Fighting 25

Cage Fighting (Photo)

According to The Dallas Morning News, they obtained documents saying that the “cage fights” took place between 2003 and 2005 when Donald Moten was Principal. Moten has denied any wrongdoing and says “It never did happen:”

That’s barbaric. You can’t do that at a high school. You can’t do that anywhere,” Moten said. “Ain’t nothing to comment on. It never did happen. I never put a stop to anything because it never happened.”

View a photo of Donald Moten here.

What does a parent do when their child must attend a high school with a principal who uses ‘ain’t’ in public, is accused of “grade-changing for student athletes that ultimately cost the school it’s 2006 boys state basketball championship,” – in the bright light of which, Moten resigned as Principal. And now, it appears that that the school Principal allowed “troubled” students – meaning those students acting aggressive toward each other, to be placed in a steel utility cage to fight it out.

While most of the staff said nothing about the fights, and made no reports, there was one whistleblower:

It was gladiator-style entertainment for the staff,” said Frank Hammond, a middle school counselor in Cedar Hill who was fired from South Oak Cliff High School and has filed a whistleblower lawsuit.

They were taking these boys downstairs to fight. And it was sanctioned by the principal and security.

Donald Moten charged Hammond with changing an athlete’s grades. He was placed on administrative leave. An appeals court reinstated Hammond, but then fired him after Moten was subsequently accused of “changing athletes’ grades to keep them eligible to play basketball.”

There is more about this character, Moten:

A group of teachers calling itself The Coalition for the Removal of a Bad Principal submitted a list of complaints to DISD officials in February. Among the allegations:

• Inappropriate sexual advances towards female employees and guests

• Retaliation
• Unauthorized changing of student grades

I have actually been standing there with Mr. Moten, and Mr. Moten has actually changed grades in my presence,” said math teacher Winford Ashmore. Ashmore also said Moten ordered all teachers to round grades up for students who would otherwise fail.

Another report from the Dallas Morning News says that previous to Moten becoming Principal, he was employed by the Dallas Police Department, where he staged his own kidnapping:

…Moten was placed on administrative leave after he told his supervisors he had missed a day’s work because he had been kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint. He confessed the next day to making up the story.

The Dallas School District hired Donald Moten anyway and what did they get? Cage fighting students. When everything came to light, what did the District do? They moved him to an elementary school, where he eventually “resigned under pressure in 2008.” While there is no video of the actual cage fights at South Oak Cliff High School, the following video demonstrates a controlled cage fight of 15 year-olds, where the cage is might be more forgiving than the impromptu cage formed of lockers and wire reported at Moten’s school. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

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Cage Fights (Photo)

Cage Fighting Children (Video)

Cage Fighting Adults (Video