Iraqi insurgents have managed to get their grubby paws on some authentic footage of a U.S. soldier, who has been identified as Specialist Lee Kimball Tucker, and made a propaganda video and are promoting it as a Christmas message Tucker taped just before he was killed.

Of course things like this spread like wildfire on the internet and with the help of bloggers, web sites like YouTube, and news organizations like al Jazeera this video has been seen all over the world, and has been reported as factual information. Well, the folks over at ABC News found out that the supposedly dead soldier is alive.

An insurgent narrator says the insurgents found a computer flash drive in the wreckage that belonged to Tucker and purports to play it.

A voice says, “Dear Mom and Dad, I’m so glad I could send you my third Christmas greetings letter.”

The voice identified as Tucker says he and his fellow soldiers became violent and reckless searching for insurgents.

“The crimes by our soldiers during break-ins started to merge, such as burglary, harassment, raping and random manslaughter,” says the voice. “Why are we even here? The people hate us.”

You get the picture.

According to Laura Mansfield, an Arabic language expert that keeps up with jihadi websites, this is a new tool in the bag of tricks that the jihadists’ have come up with. Mansfield is quoted in the article as saying, “This is part of a very shrewd campaign to reach a U.S. audience, soldiers and voters,” and that “It is in English and forgives most soldiers and Americans, calling on them to help end the war.” How sweet of them.

Here is the video if you wish to see it.

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