You may remember that back in early December, Rep. Steny Hoyer,(D)-Maryland, the new House majority leader, announced that when Democrats take over, members of Congress are expected to be at their desks first thing Monday morning and to stay until Friday. He popped up on several talk shows and grabbed headlines all over the country preaching about accountability and responsibility. He told all of us that he was going to make the members of the House work a full week just like the rest of us working folk.

Well, I was poking around over at a little while ago and found this little nugget of news titled “DEM VOW ALREADY BROKEN: HOUSE SETS 4-DAY WORK WEEK?.

A Hoyer press release obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT boldly declares: “Monday, January 8, 2007: The House is not in session.”

Hill sources claim The House is taking Monday ‘off’ this week, because of the championship football game between Ohio State and the University of Florida.