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House of McCain
Dateline January 5, 2006

Our correspondents report that McCain attempted to watch a recorded speech by President George Bush on the comfort of his couch earlier today. Mrs. McCain entered the room and exclaimed “Oh God, turn him off!”

Rumors are that Mrs. McCain is a lifelong Republican who would rather gnaw off her arm like a trapped wolf than vote for a Democrat. When McCain inquired whassup, Mrs. McCain replied that she is simply tired of his nasal voice, and she added that she never wants to hear him speak again, adding “ever” for dramatic but unnecessary emphasis.

McCain sulked off to the computer but reflected on the state of political affairs. McCain concluded that Mrs. McCain just signaled the end of any remaining influence by President George Bush.

Mark the date, January 5, 2006. Bush is a very very lame duck.

And that’s too bad because we could use an influential and effective leader in the White House. This IS after all a World War on terror which I believe Bush has fought effectively, particularly given the pathetically anti-American behavior and destructive backbiting of his liberal critics.

So Bush is the lamest of ducks, but his historical legacy is far from clear. Depending on future events, George Bush may be considered by historians a very great president. That will depend on outcomes in the middle east for which we cannot know today. It will depend on the scope of the global war against militant Islam and its ultimate outcome.

George Bush will clearly be recognized as the first to understand the threat and the first to confront it. Given my expectation that western democracies will ultimately triumph (as the course of human history always favors freedom) I do suspect that our nasally President George Bush may very well become known as a great President. Like Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, great presidents are often assessed by future events after leaving office.

That’s the way I see it, but back to the title of this post. You really must read this story about the magic bra that saved the life of one Debbie Bingham, age 46, of Atlanta. Although men often prefer the absence of such medieval chastity belts, and always prefer strapless, she is quite a lucky woman. And for some reason, the story curiously reminds me of this photo of the Wonderbra. Can’t say why.

So Bush and Bra, that’s all I have at this late hour.

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