As you can see in the little stat counter at the bottom, we hit 100,000 visits this morning in just 6 weeks. I thought it would take 6 months! Quite shocking and amazing, really, and all thanks to the creative inspiration of our blogger family at Right Pundits.

We’ve also surged to over 400 link references from other blogs which helps our standing in the blogosphere in a million ways. Thanks to the other blogs!

Our TTLB graphs are looking pretty cool.

We want regular commenters so say something next time you visit. We need help on the sports blogs and entertainment blogs, so applications are accepted. See the contact page in the upper left.

This site is having performance issues that are obvious to our regular visitors and bloggers. A small portion of the problem is probably the unexpected number of visitors, but most of it appears to be the hosting environment. We are hosted at a company called Dreamhost which givess great deals, but you share the CPU with a lot of other people. Occasionally their CPUs get extremely overloaded and that ends up crashing our site and/or creating weird errors like the dreaded “Internal Server Error.” And there are bottlenecks in their network which I have documented for them. And for any technical person reading this, the errors returned get cached if you use wp-cache (as anyone should and is recommended by DreamHost) , so that can compound the problem when it occurs.

Dreamhost’s CPUs should NOT become that overloaded and they are trying to figure out the problem. They moved us to a less utilized CPU, but the CPU spikes happened again yesterday about midday, and it happened in the middle of the night last night. Their staff has been generally helpful, but CPU utilizations of 5.0, 10.0, and even 18.0 as we have seen should never happen on a server in any hosting environment. That kills a WordPress blog as we have seen. I hope that I am able to work these problems out with the hosting company, which has otherwise been a good experience with helpful staff. I will update this post when/if we get it permanently resolved.

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