So there you have it. Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America. Third in line to the Presidency, and have we ever had a more unqualifed, lightweight person in the job?

The liberal mainstream press whoops it up as a historic day, The First Female Speaker Of The House. They say it as if that is the end of the discussion. The first woman of anything must be a good thing, right? Nothing else matters to liberal elitists in their never ending elevation of form over matter.

The problem is that Nancy Pelosi has a job to do and she is naive and fairly unqualified to do it. It is an important constitutional job. She should not be demeaned with an irrelevant celebration of her gender. It doesn’t matter that she is a woman. It does matter that she is a far left liberal unequipped to do the job. That is bad for America.

Nancy Pelosi is about the most underwhelming Speaker in our nation’s history. Who is Nancy Pelosi going to rally to meet the legislative challenges of today? She doesn’t have the gravitas even within her own party to get anything substantive done in Congress. And she has accomplished nothing substantive in her legislative history.

And this is who we get in a time of peril and a war on terror? The problem with democracies is that We the People are accountable for our ability to make mistakes. A vote of the people put Socrates to death. A vote of the people indirectly brought Nancy Pelosi to power. Americans now suffer the consequence of our mistake.

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