Here is Carmen Dell’ Orefice, the famous “first supermodel” who Bernie Madoff reportedly broke. She trusted millions of dollars in his presumed Ponzi scheme, only to have it allegedly ripped away by an even richer billionaire.

Carmen  Dell OrificeCarmen  Dell Orifice
Carmen Dell’ Orefice

There is a certain irony to the Madoff fund collapse, which is that we are given name after name of rich liberal millionaires who lost some money. That is unfortunate news for sure, but what about the rest of us little guys?

On the verge of what some economists are fearing, a Great Obama Depression, the little guys are losing their shirts as well and we have a lot smaller shirts. Sure, our average investment portfolios haven’t completely gone under yet like Madoff’s millionaires, but the average American has lost half our net worth since Obama was elected, whether that is the value of our homes, our retirement accounts and pensions, or our invested savings. Who wouldn’t trade places with Carmen Dell’Orefice who, after all, still has a lucrative career?

Maddeningly it is these same rich liberal millionaires who primarily funded the Barack Obama candidacy. Now that The Wizard’s curtain has been pulled away, we are beginning to understand that Barack Obama’s policies are bad for everyday Americans. Socialism makes everyone poorer, including Madoff’s supermodel, Carmen Dell Orefice

So let’s feel sorry for Carmen Dell’Orefice as the Obama Justice Department throws the book at Madoff. He may want us to believe that such grandstanding cures the financial collapse, but the broke voters know better.

Biographically, the latest impoverished Madoff supermodel was born June 3, 1931. At 71 years old, she still promotes products in ads for Target and Rollex, and models for fashion magazines like Vogue. So she hasn’t lost her job, like almost 10% of Americans faring under Obama’s economic policies. She was 15 years old when she first posed for Vogue, almost instantly establishing her status as the world’s first supermodel and launching a long successful career that continues today.

Her poignant quote about Bernard Madoff is “I am accepting that what I was experiencing was a projection of a person who wasn’t there.?

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Carmen  Dell OrificeCarmen  Dell OrificeCarmen  Dell Orifice
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