The Saddam Hussein execution video is here, something that has brought 10,000 visitors here each day for the past 3-4 days. There is something about it that bothers me, and it isn’t the hanging itself. It is the taunts. You don’t hear them in the sanitized version of the video that was released earlier, but you do here them in this version of the uncut, unsensored, unedited execution video.

Saddam Hussein is responsible for the deaths of 2 million people in the region as a result of his three wars of aggression in 15 years. He is a barbarian who has a whole ton of blood on his hands. However, his death video shows a composed and dignified man surrounded by barbarians taunting him in his final seconds. That is wrong, and I am happy that the Iraqi government has taken some action. To me, a head of state, however an evil dictator he was (and he WAS), should die a dignified death at the hand of state. And that didn’t happen in Iraq.

Iraqi authorities reported the arrests Wednesday of two guards and an official who supervised Saddam Hussein’s hanging and said the guard force was infiltrated by outsiders who taunted the former leader and shot the video showing his body dangling at the end of a rope.

The unauthorized video, which ignited protests by Saddam’s fellow Sunni Arabs in various Iraqi cities, threatens to turn the ousted dictator into a martyr. Saddam was shown never bowing his head as he faced death, and asking the hecklers if they were acting in a manly way.

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