TriPong is the new game for threesomes. Ever been the odd person out at ping pong? Waited endlessly for your turn while the opponents laugh it up on a slow, bouncing journey to 21 points as you chase their balls down the street? No more!

Tripong is another game that Britney, Paris, and Lindsay can all play together. Or maybe Miss Nevada can try it with her kissy girlfriends. Oops! So many uses for Tri-Pong.

Secil Boyd keeps dreaming up new ideas from remote control flying gadgets to new table games and even space-matter theories. “My mind doesn’t seem to turn off so easily,” the 53-year-old inventor joked at his Holualoa art gallery.

Boyd has invented a type of three-player ping pong, he’s come up with a special relativity theory and even made a remote control flying toy out of a Christmas gift from his daughter.

TriPong uses an odd-shaped table at regulation ping pong height and Plexiglas “nets” that divide the table into three wedges, each with a neutral zone and scoring zone.

He pitched the idea several months ago to a major mainland sports company and now is in negotiations for a development contract. After a presentation, their production staff built one and have played it since, Boyd said.

“By this time next year,” Boyd said. “I predict this will be the hottest seller they’ve got.”

The full story is here.

And by the way, the new TriPong game should not be confused with the amazingly boring video game of that same name…

TriPong Video Game

That’s right, now you can endlessly play a really dull video game on Right Pundits blog. Oh, that teeny tiny little word in the lower right is the start button. Leave a quarter.:)

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