The mainstream media announced with much fanfare today that only 3,000 American soldiers have perished in Iraq. Of course they left out the “only” part in order to continue the illusion that we are suffering enormous losses. In reality our losses in iraq are extraordinarily low by historical standards given that the “war” (now really a police action) will soon enter the 4th year.

Gateway Pundits has a nice piece about the context of our human losses in Iraq here.

Turns out that US soldier deaths aren’t much different under Bush as they were under Clinton. And that is because military duty is a dangerous activity whether or not you are engaging an enemy in a foreign country.

I don’t mean to minimize the losses. American soldiers are a cut above the rest of us. They are two cuts above the average nattering nabob of negativity. American soldiers matter a lot. Not to Bill Clinton and those on the left who loathe the military, but they matter to those of us who love the country and appreciate their service.

Soldiers unfortunately die from a whole bunch of reasons, particularly during training exercises when around heavy equipment. And they die from accidental shooting, intentionally violence, and illness just like the rest of us.

The real story of our military losses in Iraq are how little they have been over a relatively long period. If you want to talk about financial losses from funding the operation, that is a different matter, although those numbers are also skewed greatly by the military themselves for funding purposes.

The US lost more soldiers EACH MONTH in World War II and the Civil War than we have lost in 3 years 9 months in Iraq. At the peak of the Vietnam War, we were losing over 1,000 men per month over a sustained period. It total we lost 58,000 of our finest boys in Vietnam. Remember that when hand-wringing liberals try to convince you that Iraq is another Vietnam. It isn’t.

Just a few facts for our liberal friends as they sip latte in the comfort of their faculty lounges.

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