At this moment the top 5 Technorati searches are all about Saddam Hussein’s execution video. We have the Unedited Uncensored Hanging Video, but methinks things are getting a little ridiculous.

If you aren’t searching for #1, the “Saddam Execution Video”, there is a chance you are searching for “Saddam Execution” or the lazy-fingered “Saddam” among the other top searches.

Several million people have watched Saddam Hussein’s execution video on YouTube in one day. My own uploaded version, which I thought was first for a moment has a modest 100,000 views in 24 hours.

Even Britney Spears didn’t get this much attention. Neither did Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, although she is managing to hang on to the #6 spot with her kissing lips. And sure, we have Miss Nevada’s photos for you. Give the customers what they want and you can’t possibly all want Saddam Hussein. Can you?

Check out this fellow’s monthly Sitemeter chart. He managed to get a #1 Google position with his Saddam execution video that was thrown into a post on another topic.

And lastly, you can play the Saddam Hangman Game.

Now that is a riot.

Thanks goodness 2006 is over.