Okay, if you want to see Saddam Hussein hanged (“hung”) without the media censorship, here is a new video of his execution. The quality of the video isn’t that great but it gives you a better sense of being there. If it bothers you, obviously don’t watch. It actually isn’t THAT graphic, which leaves the main stream media censors with some explaining to do.

Personally I oppose the death penalty in all cases, as perhaps a puritanical intellectual sacrifice to an entirely pro-life position, so I’m not posting this for any sense of glee. Certainly I don’t share the peculiar sense of blood-thirsty euphoria that I’ve noticed on other websites. Saddam Hussein has been irrelevant for two years, and I doubt his execution really changes anything in Iraq.

However, one thing is certain. This brutal dictator who started three wars and is responsible for the graves of two million people will soon be in the ground himself. And if the act brings even just a little more legitimacy to the Iraqi government in the eyes of their people, perhaps good has come of it.

I AM posting the video because it is a newsworthy event, capping the life of one of the brutal tyrants of the past century. And I don’t like other people censoring and editing what others may want to watch.

100% Hat tip: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Go watch there if it gets slow here.

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