The darling of the American left, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, is doing what communists have always done. Word out of Venezuela is that he is shutting down the opposition television media network. No surprise.

Chavez’ leftist sympathizers in America will look curiously at one another for a second until they remember something important to their world outlook. And that is that the enemy of an enemy simply must be their friend. Hugo Chavez doesn’t like George Bush, you see, although he hasn’t been able to articulate precisely why, and therefore our liberal friends are willing to give a little more rope to the world’s newest communist “elected” dictator. After all, their earlier sympathies with the Soviet Union were well-founded, right?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he will not renew the licence for the country’s second largest TV channel which he says expires in March 2007.

In an address to troops, Mr Chavez said he would not tolerate media outlets working towards a coup against him.

Radio Caracas Television, which is aligned with the opposition, supported a strike against Mr Chavez in 2003.

But the TV’s head said there must be some mistake as its licence was not up for renewal in the near future.

BBC has the full story.

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