Here is the horrible 100-foot snake, Baleh River creature known quite appropriately as the Borneo Monster. See the multiple photo and video evidence if you are courageous by nature or drink, and read the native lore of Nabau, a humongous sea serpent as big as a dragon which suffocates it’s prey without mercy. Some critics are even calling the Borneo Canavarı a fake, while hopeful believers are classifying it in the genus Obama Monster.

Borneo Snake RiverBorneo Monster

Today’s terrifying giant snake is haunting peaceful villagers around the Baleh river. Women and children are afraid to leave their thatched huts, while the men seek advice from local witch-docters. The Borneo river creature who locals call Nabau, which roughly translates in English to “Barack,” is a 100-foot snake, and is said to eat meat. In fact, a giant carnivorous skull was dug up in the region recently. Scientist concluded the earlier Borneo Monster, known as Titanoboa the Terrible, ate crocodiles and cow-like creatures.

So is the new giant Borneo snake monster a hoax or is it real? Of course it is real for it exists in the hearts and minds of children nightmares everywhere. Yes Virginia, there is a monstrous giant snake creature living in the river so you better not wade too deep. And yet, these unreasonable skeptics are trying to cast cold river water on a good snake oil story.

They point out that anonymous photos rarely confirm terrible creatures, that the Baleh River is actually cloudy rather than clear, and that the entire Borneo river monster snake appears floating on the surface in its entirety as if posing for the camera. Details, details. Suspicious photos they say. Get a life, we say. Appreciate the good legend of Nabau.

What’s worse is these scientists are influential. Their reckless rumors are spreading like wildfire on the internet, fooling these guys into even calling it a good photo-shop fake.

Photos are below so you can blow them up to examine the evidence yourself.

Borneo MonsterBorneo Snake River
Borneo Monster (Photos)
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Giant Snake (Video)