Meet Elizabeth Wong, the Malaysian politician in scandalous opposition to the current ruling party. Her nude photos have caused quite a controversy in Malaysia, so much so that she was forced to resign elected office. Her connection to Obama is fun fodder.

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Elizabeth Wong Scandal

Apparently political operatives in the country have circulated nude pictures of her cavorting with willing accomplices in the bedroom. Dirty tricks in politics are nothing new there or anywhere, and these images produced the expected result just as they would in the more lenient USA. She was pushed out of her position like an unwanted pirate girl walking the plank by her own People’s Justice Party (PJP).

The scandalous images of her were taken by an ex-boyfriend and circulated mainly be cellular telephone. In response to growing criticism for compromising herself in unflattering positions, the deviant Ms. Wong said earlier that “I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and a single person.” But she was tossed out of office within 24 hours.

The connections with Barack Obama are both overt and subtle. Neighboring Indonesia, of course, is the country of his checkered youth, the place where he first wore a turban and prayed to Mecca three times each day. Obama obtained an Islamic education in the country when he attended Mosque and school from age 6 to 10.

His interesting mother who took him there in chase of her second husband later posed nude herself for a photographer around 1960. You can always find the elusive Obama mom pics from reliable sources. Mrs. Dunham has much in common with Elizabeth Wong, as the object of sexual desire by fundamentalist men in a Muslim country.

But much less interestingly, Elizabeth Wong endorsed Obama’s presidency herself. In a national newspaper, she described the president as “one of us,” a man who can “move America” to the light. That is rhetoric that plays well among local constituencies who protested here for Obama but is otherwise meaningless. However, it does create an interesting connection between Barack Obama, his own mother, and the ostracized Malaysian politician named Elizabeth Wong.

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