Has Tara Conner been naughty or nice with Katie Blair? Isn’t Miss USA just a little close to Miss Teen USA? Who really needs stockings for Christmas? Welcome to the weekly photo caption contest at Right Pundits.

Caption this photo and you just might be the lucky winner to be announced next Thursday. Can you handle a full week of suspense?

The winners for last week’s contest are below the fold.

And the moment you’ve been waiting for:

Here are the winners from last week’s contest!!!

The Winners!

1st Prize – Bruce says:
“Yeah, my wife’s on my back trying to get me to gain weight….�?

2nd Prize – Elliot says:
I’ll have a large coffee, cream and sugar..and a coupla Ho Ho’s to go.

3rd Prize – SgtFluffy says:
Excuse me miss, but my coffee tastes a litle “Elfy�? today.

3rd Prize (tie) – Rachel_A says:
We don’t care if we get sued for causing obesity. We’re not leaving without lunch.

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