Nobody has cornered the market on racy ads like the website This year is no different, despite having a history of making ads that are not suitable to be aired on television during the big game, they have worked that to their advantage. Read more below, see photos and videos.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

GoDaddy has made a killing by making ads specifically for web consumption only. This year Danica Patrick, the current and most famous spokesmodel for GoDaddy, will appear in an ad that will run on Super Bowl Sunday on their website.

Danica Patrick is, although you wouldn’t know by looking at her, an Indy Car racer; and a good one at that. With her win in April of 2008 at the Indy Japan 300, she proved that she wasn’t just another pretty face on the racing circuit. But, Danica is pretty smart as well. She has used the gifts God gave her to become very wealthy. She has modeled for FHM and Sports Illustrated, and is now the face of GoDaddy [Dot] com.

Think about how many people (men) will tune out of the game on Sunday and fire up their computers and visit GoDaddy [dot] com to see the outcome of the teaser video below. This writer probably will, just for research purposes only.

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Danica Patrick Photos

GoDaddy Danica Patrick Video 1

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