Should the Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII, there will be no victory parade in the home city of Pittsburgh, – or will there?

Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh, PA – Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Wednesday, January 21st, WPXI Channel 11 Television reported that “city sources” said there would not be a parade in Pittsburgh if the Steelers win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy this Sunday. It would be a “budget buster,” they said.

The last Steeler Victory Parade in 2006 drew 250,000 fans and a “safety nightmare.” It cost the city $45,000.00 for security and clean-up.

Now just a few days before the Bowl game, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said the “idea is still alive” if the Steelers win. Ravenstahl says he has been hesitant to talk about it because he doesn’t want to jinx the team.

Angry fans arrived at the Super Bowl Rally at the Allegheny County Courthouse bearing signs and ill will for city officials. A spokesman, Kevin Evanto assured the crowd that “we anticipate a parade in Downtown Pittsburgh – whatever the team wants, we’re going to work with them.”

Meanwhile, city officials did not return phone calls. The Mayor’s spokeswoman said “The only thing we can say is that whatever happens — if we have a parade — we want to make sure it is safe.”

Pittsburgh is not reassured by the waffling. Needless to say, Pittsburgh is not happy. Not happy at all. Here’s some from the fans:

“Is it really that hard to find a solution? Sell tickets and have a rally at Heinz Field – 40 seconds to a sell out.” This blogger is referring to the Mayor as Ravenstahl Steelerstahl Douchenstahl

“How much would a riot cost the city of Pittsburgh if one broke out after a Steelers’ win and no parade? Just sayin’…”

“Maybe Mayor Ravenstahl should take the campaign money he’s using to fly him, his brothers, and security to the Super Bowl towards beefing up security for a Steelers parade.”

“…if this has all been an exercise in Pittsburgh angling to get the Rooney family to pick up the ticker tape check, something tells us it’s not going to work.”

“If there’s no parade, I think a lot of people will just show up anyway – Steelers fans are devout.”

I guess the Steelers will have to win Super Bowl XLIII before we determine if this is “strategy” or are they just a superstitutous city, as they say, not wanting to jinx their team?