The GOP elected Michael Steele as it’s first African American chairman today when he┬ábeat South Carolina GOP chairman Katon Dawson on the sixth and final ballot. This brings to a close a long and tedious process for the Republicans.

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Michael Steele

Michael Steele, 50, is the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland who ran for U.S. Senate in 2006, but lost that bid to Benjamin Cardin. This win comes as the GOP is still reeling from back to back losses in the last two election cycles; and the Republicans have desperately been looking for new leadership.

There has been strong debate among Republicans and conservatives about who would take over the chairman’s position, Ken Blackwell from Ohio was an early favorite as was Steele. Blackwell was seen, in most circles, as the most socially conservative of all the candidates, while Steele had drawn criticism for not being conservative enough. Steele has also served as chairman of GOPAC since 2007.

The nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice-President and this election of Michael Steele sends a clear signal to the country that the Republican party is not just a party of old white men. With President Barry in the White House and the Democrats firmly in control of congress, it was something that was needed in a bad way.

We, at Right Pundits, like Michael Steele. You can read his biography here.

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