A culture war broke-out after Super Bowl 38’s on-stage impropriety with Janet Jackson’s half-time “wardrobe malfunction.” While not one of Super Bowl’s greatest moments, it is definitely one of the most controversial. Traditional family values and 21st Century Hollywood Values battled it out. Family Values were assured a lag-time-airing sufficient to zap any offensive shenanigans, and Hollywood Values continued without missing a beat.

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Janet Jackson

Great Super Bowl moments are not to be defined by any one person, but there are some considered memorable in almost anyone’s playbook. Here are few of our picks to get the conversation going:

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(1) Greatest Headline Grab:
Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004). Janet Jackson’s halftime “wardrobe malfunction,” or “N*pplegate,” as it is sometimes called, grabbed the spotlight from a great Super Bowl XXXVIII moment.

Forgotten by all but Super Bowl hardliners, after missing two field goals in the first half, with only seven seconds remaining in the game, Patriot Adam Vinatieri kicked a 41 yard field goal, giving the Patriot’s the win. New England 32, Carolina 29. At the time, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King named this game the “Greatest Super Bowl” of all time.

Jackson infamously bared a breast with the help of Justin Timberlake during a choreographed routine. The controversy continues today – was it planned or unplanned?

(2) Greatest Upset:
Super Bowl III (1969) was the first to be known as the “Super Bowl.” The two previous AFL-NFL games would be retroactively tagged as “Super Bowls.”

The Colts were heavily favored, with the Jets an insulting 18 point underdog. A brash and confident Joe Namath encountered an enthusiastic Colts fan in a bar the week before the game, and famously “guaranteed” the fan that the Jets would win the title…and they did. A memorable moment was captured as Namath exited the field and flipped the bird. Jets 16, Colts 7.

(3) Greatest Catch:
Super Bowl X (1976) expected to play without Steelers wide receiver, Lynn Swann. Swann suffered a concussion the week prior and missed most of the practice sessions leading up to the game.

Cowboys safety, Cliff Harris, taunted: “I’m not going to hurt anyone intentionally, but…” Swann saw a challenge or maybe a threat. Swann says his only thought was “The hell with it, I’m gonna play.”

Late in the second quarter, Swann leaped high – higher than thought possible, and tenuously grabs Bradshaw’s throw. He holds it for a spectacular 53 yard gain. Steelers 2, Cowboys 17.

(4) Greatest One Yard Agony:
Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) with the Titans at the one yard line, Rams linebacker Mike Jones hits Kevin Dyson hard. It’s a memorable moment as Dyson stretches for the goal line but falls short. The Rams win 23-16.

(5) Greatest Scoring Drive:
Super Bowl XXIII (1989) sees the 49ers taking possession at their own 8 yard line and marching it to the Cincinnati 10. With 39 seconds left, Joe Montana sends the ball to John Taylor for a game-winning touchdown. 49ers 20, Bengals 16

(6) Greatest Miss:
Super Bowl XXV (1991), with the Gulf War underway, began with Whitney Houston’s memorable and emotional rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner (later determined that she was lip-syncing), and ended just as emotionally with the Bill’s placekicker, Scott Norwood, kicking plenty long enough, but wide right to lose the game. Giants 20, Bills 19.

(7) A Patriotic Moment:
Super Bowl XV (1981) celebrated the end of the Iran Hostage Crisis with an 80 foot long, 30 foot wide yellow ribbon attached to the Superdome. Raiders 27, Eagles 10.

(8) Greatest Media Blunder:
Super Bowl I (1967) highlights the media’s fascination with celebrity. With both CBS and NBC broadcasting, NBC’s Charlie Jones interviews Bob Hope and MISSES the second-half kickoff. Unbelievably, officials stopped the kick-off and it was “redone” when NBC got back in the game and on the air. A ticket for the first Super Bowl cost $12 each, an exorbitant price back in 1967. Packers 35, Chiefs 10.

Whitney Houston, Super Bowl XXV
The Star Spangled Banner

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