Obama’s stimulus plan will allow illegal aliens without a legal Social Security number to be eligible for tax cut refunds – meaning they can receive a check courtesy of you, me and our government.

Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid D-NV

Undocumented illegals who are not eligible for a Social Security number need only file tax returns with an alternative number – also known as a taxpayer I.D. number – making them “legal,” under the Democrat plan, to qualify for government refunds.

This is one more Liberal punch to the Conservative gut contained in Barack Obama’s Stimulus Bill, which sailed through the U. S. House of Representatives without a single Republican vote on January 28th, 2009.

Senator Harry Reid denies the loophole or “glitch” is in the Bill and accused Republicans of stirring up trouble: “Can they get off of this illegal immigrant stuff?”

This report comes from a “Hill Republican,” also described as a “GOP” official, who spoke on conditions of anonymity as he/she “was not authorized to discuss it publicly.”