At 24 years old, Steeler Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes is already the father of three children. Two are with his high school sweetheart, Nicole King, and one with LaShae Boone who is his youngest child’s baby mama. Read about her and see a photo below.

LaShea Boone Holmes Baby Mama

LaShae Boone

LaShae and Santonio kept a low “couple” profile. We didn’t find them at glamorous events or charitable soirees. We didn’t find LaShae on a famous designer’s runway, as we often do other NFL wives and girlfriends.

We did find them in a Florida court. LaShae filed charges of domestic violence and assault against Holmes in June 2006. By December 2006, charges were dropped when Holmes agreed to receive “counseling.” What kind of counseling is not known. Their daughter, Sanyia, was just a few months old at the time the charges were filed. It seem LaShae and Santonio have an on-and-off relationship.

Santonio is not exactly a shy guy, but he’s keeping a lid on his recent love life. Slated to perform big in the coming Super Bowl XLIII, February 1, 2009, Holmes says he is focused on the game.

Santonio Holmes

Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver

Headlines say Holmes can make history in this Super Bowl. Glory can be found in Bowl 43 with a punt return for a touchdown. Santonio Holmes may be just the man to do it. Holmes returned a punt for 67 yards against the San Diego Chargers, known for their admirable punt coverage, as well as a 25 yard punt return against the Ravens in the AFC Championship.

The Cardinals on the other hand have Steve Breaston who scored his very first career TD in September on a 73-yard punt return against…the Pittsburgh Steelers – although, in general, the Cardinals are considered to have less than admirable punt coverage.

Maybe a Super Bowl XLIII ring will bring Santonio a new woman.