Let me begin this post with the obvious. Jessica Alba is REALLY hot. But that is not why I’m siding with her in her media feud with Bill O’Reilly. Well, that’s not the only reason, anyway.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Is REALLY hot

Bill O  Reilly

Bill O’Reilly Is Not

Jessica Alba and Bill O’Reilly have been feuding lately. These two media heavyweights have been throwing jabs at each other over the internet and airwaves. Jessica Alba was a fervent supporter of Barack Obama during the 2008 election. She blogged all over her fansites about her love for Barack
Obama and her desire to see him become our President, which must have irked the conservative O’Reilly.

A producer from Bill O’Reilly’s Fox show stopped Jessica Alba at the Declare Yourself Inauguration Event on January 18, and asked her a few questions about her political activism. Alba was the host for the event. The feud started when Jessica Alba criticized Fox and Bill O’Reilly during that interview.

Alba calls O’Reilly an “a-hole”

O’Reilly responded by showing a clip on his Fox show of Jessica Alba discussing the presidential election with a reporter. Alba interrogates the reporter regarding his opinion on the election. The reporter tries to maintain his neutrality. Alba, referring to the reporter’s neutrality, says, “Be neutral. Be Sweden about it.”

Alba’s Sweden Reference

O’Reilly corrected Alba, saying Switzerland is the nation noted for its neutrality, not Sweden. Alba responded on her blog that Sweden and Switzerland were BOTH neutral in World War II.

Alba is right. In fact, the tradition of Swedish neutrality goes back to the early 19th century. Sweden has maintained a policy of military neutrality in European military conflicts since the Napoleonic Wars, when it fought against France. In World War I, Sweden refused to enter the war, though its government maintained a mostly pro-German foreign policy. In World War II, Sweden was one of the few European countries to avoid mass destruction by staying out of the war. During the Cold War, unlike the rest of Scandinavia, Sweden refused to join NATO.

Sorry, Bill O’Reilly. Jessica Alba is just over your head on this one.

Despite everything this conservative site stands for, I’m afraid I have to side with the hottie on this issue. Give him hell, Jessica!

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