I don’t have anything against the Arizona Cardinals, as a matter of fact I think it’s great that they have made it into arguably the single greatest sporting event there is. But let me lay a little logic on you from a conservative perspective out here in the wilderness. The Pittsburgh Steelers need to win this game! Why, you ask? There are many reasons, such as the fact that the Steelers represent that bunch of people that President Obama once called bitter clingers, you know to God and guns. They are also the group that Jack Murtha called racist.

Besides all of that, they happen to be the favorite team in all the world of one Rush Limbaugh. Now I know what you’re thinking, here goes another right winger trying to establish that Rush is the smartest cookie around and everything he says is the gospel truth. No, not really. I think Rush can be wrong, just not much. There is currently a big to do going on right now between our buddy Rush and none other than the one himself. Barry thinks that the GOP needs to stop listening to Rush and get on board with his idea of socializing this country in a smooth bi-partisan manner. Well, if President Barry would pay attention, that’s exactly what the GOP has been doing for a few years now. Trust me, from someone who does listen, these guys are not listening to Rush. If they were we wouldn’t be talking about half the things we are right now.

The loony left has a way of not being able to separate something they love with something else that they may not like so much. You know good and well that if the left in this country finds out how much Rush loves the Steelers, than it’s going to be Steeler hatin’ time. And not Dallas Cowboy kind of hate, I mean real hate. And what better way to get under the skin of a bunch of liberals who probably don’t like football to begin with, than for the favorite team of the guy they hate to win the biggest game there is. Don’t you think conservatives have lost enough over the last couple of years? Give us this one thing, give us the Super Bowl.

If those aren’t good enough reasons why the Steelers’ should win, then take this into account; John McCain is from Arizona. Sorry Cardinals.