Mad Magazine has outdone themselves again with their January cover featuring an over stressed Obama. Love them or hate them, you must admit these folks are geniuses! Read about this cover and see photo below.

Obama mad magazine cover

Obama Mad Magazine Cover

Instead of going the normal route of the *first hundred days* of the Presidency, Mad Magazine opted for the first hundred minutes … which I find not only giggle fitz funny but quite appropriate as well.

The caricature shows a completely stressed-out Obama puffing on several cancer sticks simultaneously as he holds his head in his hands. (That’s what happens when the world knows you’re a reformed smoker who admits to occasional lapses.) An open bottle of Pepto Bismol is on the desk, as is a bottle of Excedrin.

Newspapers with ominous headlines surround the One, along with over-flowing ashtrays. Can’t help but wonder how that closet smoker thing is working out for him now that he is in charge of the world. The only thing missing is any reference to Alfred E. Newman and his ears.

So far in one week, things have seemingly gotten worse by the hour. It’s a good time for a little levity. So … what do you think? Is it funny or disrespectful? An artist rendition or a photo ? :-)