Superior Court Judge E. Curtissa Cofield was arrested by Glastonbury, Connecticut police on October 10, 2008 for driving under the influence of alcohol. In a video released yesterday by Glasonbury police, she is seen addressing the officer booking her with racist language, calling him a “Negro trooper” and the N-word.

Curtissa Cofield

Curtissa Cofield

Connecticut’s Judicial Review Council released a video Monday of Manchester County Superior court judge Curtissa Cofield being booked by Glastonbury State Police. The Council is now investigating judicial misconduct charges against Cofield for using racist language against police officers booking her. Since Cofield is African American, this a very disturbing case of black-on-black racism.

She was being booked with sideswiping a state trooper’s cruiser with her BMW.

Some of the more disturbing quotes:

“We’re ghetto Negroes. We don’t have Triple-A.”

When asked if she took medication: “Yeah, I need to take anti-Negro, ummm …”

“Do you have a reading on my urine test, Negro trooper?”

Biography of Curtissa Cofield

Judge Curtissa Cofield is 60 years old. She was appointed as Connecticut’s first African-American female judge in 1991 and her current term expires in 2015. Judge Cofield has served as supervising assistant state’s attorney and as legal adviser to the chief of police of Hartford. Judge Cofield is a graduate of Shaw University, Yale Divinity School, and the University of Connecticut Law School.

Booking of Curtissa Cofield