Barack Obama has taped his first formal television interview as President. He chose the Arabic cable TV network Al-Arabiya for this event. Read about it below. We have the transcript and video here.

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama has already taped his first formal interview with a major news outlet as President of the United States. The news outlet he has chosen for this honor is the Dubai based Arabic cable TV network Al-Arabiya.

The Obama Al-Arabiya interview was taped earlier this evening and is airing at 11 p.m. (ET) tonight. Al-Arabiya boasts an audience of over 23 million throughout the Gulf region in the Middle East.

This interview happens as Special Envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, is in the air on his way there to start negotiating a cease fire between Israel and Hamas, the ruling party of Palestine.

Obama announced he was sending Mitchell to the Middle East to fix things up there earlier today with Mitchell and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sitting on either side of him. Obama stated of Mitchell’s charge in the Middle East: “Compared to steroids, this is going to be a breeze,”. He was referring to Mitchell heading up the 2006 and 2007 investigation into steroid abuse in Major League baseball.

Baseball or Peace in the Middle East. I guess which one is more difficult to deal with would depend on one’s frame of reference.

He went on to give a long rambling statement about the importance of the Middle East Peace process. The point of which was basically that he was going to fix it all and everything would be okay because he is the arbiter of hope and change. That’s just my summary of it. Besides, if you don’t like it, he’ll just remind you that he won so naner naner naner.

We are familiar with how he communicates with the American people, now we will be able to see and hear how he communicates to the enormous Arabic audience he will command in his interview on Al-Arabiya television tonight. We have the transcript and video for you below.

* transcript will be included as soon as it is available.

Obama Al-Arabiya Interview – Video