Today a panel of state judges are set to review the challenge brought by Sen. Coleman to the apparent victory of Al Franken for the Minnesota senate seat. As it currently stands, Franken enjoys a 215 vote margin of victory. The panel itself seems about as bi-partisan as you can get. One judge was appointed by a Democrat, one by a Republican and one by Jesse Ventura. So, it should be interesting to see how this comes out.

Coleman will raise several issues that he hopes will help him flip the final tally to his favor. First is the issue of absentee ballots. More then 11,000 absentee ballots still remain uncounted and Coleman (rightly) is demanding that they be counted and added to the tally.

Here is a funny video the Coleman camp released of Franken and Reid demanding that the absentee votes be counted, of course this is when it looked like Franken was going to loose.

Coleman also alleges that there were many shenanigans when it came to counting the votes and that there were no real consistent standards whereby counties could follow. So, in many counties counted more votes then there were voters who actually signed in to vote (very strange, one might even say suspicious). Finally we have the issue of the 133 missing ballots that were counted in one precinct. How do you count a ballot that is not actually there to count? Inquiring minds demand an answer.

All in all this whole process has been interesting, and the outcome never in doubt (did anyone think the Democrats would give up!). However, don’t but away the popcorn just yet, some have stated that this fight could continue for another 9 months! Minnesota doesn’t really need any representation anyway, after all, if you elect Stuart Smalley as your senator, you are basically saying that any monkey could do the job.